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TIP – How to buffer reverse osmosis water

waterHere is a great tip for those who use reverse osmosis water to buffer your water and help stabilize pH. There are two ways, both efficient.

- For those who prefer simplicity, all you have to do is add 20% tap water to your reverse osmosis water.

- For the purists who do not want to use tap water, or whose water is particularly bad, here are two easy steps:

1 – First increase your pH up to 10.0 with pH Up or potassium carbonate
2 – Then bring it down to 6.0 with pH Down

In both cases you’ll obtain water well adapted to hydroponic nutritive solutions, while avoiding untimely pH fluctuations.


Comment from Mordoth

why would you want to buffer RO water?

Comment from Mordoth

I understand why you would change the PH to the correct level but not why you need to goto 10 first?

Comment from grizzly

You need to raise pH first because the “buffer” elements have a very high pH or very low pH. You can start by adding acid, but then you will need pH up to raise your pH.
You need to buffer R.O. water simply because pure water has no buffering capacity. It is subject to big swings in pH every time you add something to the solution, making it unsuited for cultivation. Using pure R.O. is a classic source of failure.

Comment from Jennifer

Reverse Osmosis takes every mineral and all good & bad biological bacteria, and though it takes out all of the bad bacteria, it also removes the good biological bacteria. Buffering the water adds more good bacteria back into reverse osmosis water, I learned this the hard way, there’s a guy on one of the aquatic clubs who informed me of this. I an now at a 50% mixture of r/o water & tap water. As long as we test for PH, KH, & all other tests w/API water test kit. There are other ways of adjusting PH, adding Indian almond leaves, peat, tannin &i, njected CO. Adjust other as specified for certain tips. Remember to study ate nitrate cycle & chk parameters for your own species of fresh-water planted aquariums.

Comment from Tina

Thanks for sharing those great tips about reverse osmosis. Keep posting.

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Comment from Ivan Sokolov

“Flora Series for Soft Water” ALREADY CONTAIN buffers for pure water. (Text from a bottle).
Tell me please. If i use this nutrients, I need to buffer RO water before? Why?

Comment from noucetta

We have Flora Series under two denominations: hard and soft water that comes in the FloraMicro.
Concerning buffering, you add very little nutrient with regulators inside (2 – 3 ml/L). This is enough to create reactions. Pure water needs more than 2 – 3 ml/l to stabilize. Which means that, for regulators to act, there must be something in the water they can act on.

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