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Homemade vanilla … Part 2!

In May Noucetta described

How to pollinate your vanilla flowers

9 months later … Here is the result ! And now let’s prepare the vanilla!


Soil 798g


Hydro 660g


Vanilla’s prep consists in several steps that require to be very precise and a lot of patience.

Firstly you must scald pods 3 minutes by soaking them in a bath of water at 63°C.
Then the pods are braised by placing them between two blankets for 12 to 14h so they lose water and take a brown color.

Then they are dried for 2 to 6 weeks following a specific process: firstly the pods are dried a few hours per day in a oven at 65°C, then on racks in the sun and finally in the shade.

Finally comes the final step, the longest, the pods are placed in wooden trunks with greaseproof paper for 8 months, during they are monitored regularly to remove those which may rot.

Appointment again in 8-9 months to assess the final outcome of this vanilla home production made ​​by Noucetta.

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