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Hydroponics Strawberries

To prepare the Hamburg show we’d told you about here an experiment was implemented in our greenhouse to recreate the conditions of the show and to measure the nutrients consumption throughout the entire plant’s growing cycle.

Plant: Strawberry (Fragraria ananassa)

Strawberries with AeroFlo 20 and Flora Series

Strawberries with AeroFlo 20 and Flora Series

Growing System :Aeroflo 20
nutrients: Flora Series
EC: 0.4
pH: 6
Tank’s volume : 60l

The experience started on December 14th, 2012.

Each week the EC was measured to determine if the nutrient solution needed to be recharged with nutrients and / or water.



After seven months and a half of experience and despite a generally damp season we collected 9785g large, fragrant and sweet strawberries that have been widely appreciated in GHE.

The total nutrients consumption over the period of 14/12/2012 to 05/07/2013 with an average of 2 charging  a month was :
- 200ml Flora Grow
- 300ml Flora Micro
- 410ml Flora Bloom

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