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pH test kit

Monitoring pH level in hydroponics is crucial. Indeed , more than the damage causes to the roots, the pH level directly affects the availability of elements in the nutrient solution.

Nutrients Availability

Nutrients Availability

If pH level is wrong problems can occur even in very well-balanced solutions. That is why it is very important to regularly monitor and adjust the pH level of your nutrient solution to ensure an optimal nutrition.

Microbial activity , water hardness , fertilizer mixture, environmental interactions and circulation of nutrient solution impacts the pH level. Knowing that the pH will naturally grow up, it must be kept as much as possible in a range between 5.5 and 6.2 for most plants.

To monitor the pH level we developed a liquid pH indicator , the most economical and reliable way to check your pH level. Indeed, if your digital tester is not calibrated correctly you might kill culture in a few hours. If you use a digital tester , you can check it’s reliability through the liquid tester.

pH test kit

pH test kit

It’s easy, add 2 drops of liquid pH indicator to some nutrient solution , and compare with the color chart on the label.

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