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Tomatoes and Peppers

Harvest time is running at GHE greenhouse ! Come with me to harvest some beautiful tomatoes and peppers.

For tomatoes we have grown one crop (sweet million)  but in two different ways :

  • Bioponics with Biosevia for the first onein AeroFlos
  • Hydroponics with Flora Series for the second one also in AeroFlos

Let’s point out the differences between these two growing methods.

Bioponics :
We can notice that there are less leaves and that they are clearer
There are also less fruits than the hydro but there are sweeter.
We harvested 2,935Kg

Hydroponics :
There are a lot more leaves and they are deeply green.
There are more fruits than bioponics but there are less tasty.
We harvested 2,638Kg

Regarding the peppers we harvested 1,648Kg today !

It is really amazing to harvest some food ! Try it !

Tomatoes Tomatoes Tomatoes Tomatoes Tomatoes Tomatoes Peppers Peppers Peppers

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