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Aloe Vera

Since 2009 in our greenhouse we are growing Aloe Vera that is comfortably installed in one of our Dutch Pot, connected to a timer and feed with BioSevia. The rate of irrigation is very specific: 15 minutes every two hours like cactus ! Aloe Vera is a succulent plant with evergreen leaves and shallow roots. [...]

Tomatoes and Peppers

Harvest time is running at GHE greenhouse ! Come with me to harvest some beautiful tomatoes and peppers. For tomatoes we have grown one crop (sweet million)  but in two different ways : Bioponics with Biosevia for the first onein AeroFlos Hydroponics with Flora Series for the second one also in AeroFlos Let’s point out [...]

Urban Farm : Food Lab

Urban Farm’s indoor growing area, this is where the soil-less growing happens, a 356 day a year growing room with aquaponics & hydroponics, produce such as hot chillies, micro-greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, edible flowers, mushrooms, oriental greens and much more will flourish in here, we will record our inputs & outputs as see what’s viable [...]

Hydroponics for the home

Hydroponics for the home – By Noucetta Kehdi – GHE Why would anyone use hydroponics ? What are its applications in real life ? And what about home hydroponics ? How could it be useful in the household ? Hydroponics continues to trigger doubt, questions, or enthusiasm, depending on the public you are addressing. Fortunately we are far from [...]

Bioponics is a strange hybrid

Bioponics is a strange hybrid; it is the encounter of hydroponics with organics, two ways of growing plants that are at the opposite of one another. As most of you probably know, hydroponics is the practice of growing plants on a neutral substrate, or just with the roots bathing in a nutrient solution. Conversely, organic [...]

Aqua & WaterFarm : Green line

NEW! To celebrate manufacturing our 150.000th Waterfarm, we are happy to announce the availability of our special “green birthday line”. Our WaterFarm is an excellent introduction to hydroponics : Top performances, reliable, easy-to-use and inexpensive. You can use them wherever you want : in a sitting room, an office, a veranda or a greenhouse; for [...]

Cosmic garden

We are pleased to introduce you the Cosmic Garden’s blog from our friend Leon Hugo Bonte, a hydroponics pioneer in France and author of “Réaliser et entretenir son mur végétal” (Create and maintain a vegetal wall). Hugo wanted to experiment the creation and culture of an indoor garden called the Lab, where are used hydroponics, [...]

2013 Meet our latest AeroFlos: AF40, AF80, AF120 and AFPRO 1

With the increasing demand for hydroponic rooftop gardens, urban and family farms, and home food production, it became evident that we must offer more alternatives to our ever-growing client base. This is why we developed the AF40, 80, and 120 for starters, and our latest, the AFPRO line of small commercial systems, with our first [...]


Recently we have been asked by the stage set team of the french tv show “Profilage” to provide our AeroFlos in order to use them for the stage set of an episode. “Profilage” was recently awarded at TV Fiction Festival in La Rochelle (France) as the best TV Show. Find our AeroFlos in episode 43 [...]

GHE’s Greenhouse

Weakened by the floods we experienced last spring our greenhouse needed a good refresh. The work took place in September, here are some pictures of our greenhouse during and after renovation.