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Bioponics is a strange hybrid

Bioponics is a strange hybrid; it is the encounter of hydroponics with organics, two ways of growing plants that are at the opposite of one another. As most of you probably know, hydroponics is the practice of growing plants on a neutral substrate, or just with the roots bathing in a nutrient solution. Conversely, organic [...]

General Hydroponics visits Chile and Argentina

Luc and Amy from General Hydroponics (US) toured Chile and Argentina for about 10 days. Two beautiful countries with very warm & welcoming people.The community of growers is expanding very fast in that region with strong agricultural traditions and a wide diversity of climates. In Chile we were received by Claudio and his team from [...]

pH test kit

Monitoring pH level in hydroponics is crucial. Indeed , more than the damage causes to the roots, the pH level directly affects the availability of elements in the nutrient solution. If pH level is wrong problems can occur even in very well-balanced solutions. That is why it is very important to regularly monitor and adjust [...]

What can you grow in hydroponics ?

Fragraria ananassa – Noucetta Kehdi – GHE “Fragraria x ananassa” is the common strawberry, also called “garden strawberry”. It comes from the Rosaceae family, a very wide family of plants, which includes, on the edible crop side, apples, pears, quince, almonds, apricots, plums, and cherry among many others (see Over the years we grew [...]

HydroponEast Moscow Expo 2013

On latest 10th and 11th of May took place the 2013′s HydroponEast Expo in Moscow. This exhibition brings most important hydroponic companies. Of course GHE was present at the center of this event through various activities and interventions : – The growing contest : Best plant grown in a GHE’s hydroponic system. – The book [...]

Tips and tricks to start hydroponics with GHE

On this documentyou will have all the informations you need for a good start in hydroponics with : GHE products: growing systems, substrates, additives, nutrients… Systems and nutients’s use, diagnosis and answers but also tricks to start hydroponics in the best conditions ! Good Cultures !

Everything you need to know about hydroponics

At GHE, we are committed to sharing our knowledge about hydroponics, putting at your disposal many documents that you can view and download from our website: here. Many posts are also available from our blog, which also allows you to stay informed of our news. Happy reading !

Homemade vanilla … Part 2!

In May Noucetta described “How to pollinate your vanilla flowers” 9 months later … Here is the result ! And now let’s prepare the vanilla!   Vanilla’s prep consists in several steps that require to be very precise and a lot of patience. Firstly you must scald pods 3 minutes by soaking them in a [...]

The First Biostimulant Congress

General Hydroponics and General Hydroponics Europe were represented at the 1st World Congress on the use of Biostimulants in Agriculture in Strasbourg, France. More than 700 people from all around the world, representing both academia and private industry, gathered to learn about the effects of biostimulants on plant growth and development. Biostimulants are non-fertilizer plant [...]

TIP – How to buffer reverse osmosis water

Here is a great tip for those who use reverse osmosis water to buffer your water and help stabilize pH. There are two ways, both efficient. – For those who prefer simplicity, all you have to do is add 20% tap water to your reverse osmosis water. – For the purists who do not want [...]