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Aloe Vera

Since 2009 in our greenhouse we are growing Aloe Vera that is comfortably installed in one of our Dutch Pot, connected to a timer and feed with BioSevia. The rate of irrigation is very specific: 15 minutes every two hours like cactus ! Aloe Vera is a succulent plant with evergreen leaves and shallow roots. [...]

Tomatoes and Peppers

Harvest time is running at GHE greenhouse ! Come with me to harvest some beautiful tomatoes and peppers. For tomatoes we have grown one crop (sweet million)  but in two different ways : Bioponics with Biosevia for the first onein AeroFlos Hydroponics with Flora Series for the second one also in AeroFlos Let’s point out [...]

Urban Farm : Food Lab

Urban Farm’s indoor growing area, this is where the soil-less growing happens, a 356 day a year growing room with aquaponics & hydroponics, produce such as hot chillies, micro-greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, edible flowers, mushrooms, oriental greens and much more will flourish in here, we will record our inputs & outputs as see what’s viable [...]

Hydroponics for the home

Hydroponics for the home – By Noucetta Kehdi – GHE Why would anyone use hydroponics ? What are its applications in real life ? And what about home hydroponics ? How could it be useful in the household ? Hydroponics continues to trigger doubt, questions, or enthusiasm, depending on the public you are addressing. Fortunately we are far from [...]

The Jardin des Serres d’Auteuil

On February 28 2013, the Paris Administrative Court cancelled ….. on the Jardin des Serres d’Auteuil It was a relief for the supporters of this unique place. This botanical garden was started in 1761 following King Louis XV request. In 1895 a horticultural production was added to the existing part (greenhouses and flowers). The five [...]

Turtles at El Cielito

Villa del Mar, Jalisco, Mexico. El Cielito is a great place to stay in Villa del Mar, far from buzy Puerto Vallarta. Five or six comfortable bungalows are built at the edge of the cliff, offering an exceptional view on the Pacific. Here sunsets are marvelous. Pelicans and fregatabirds are neighbours to different species of [...]

All you need to know about Tequila !

As well as Cancun or Teotihuacan, Tequila is one of Mexico’s symbols : Totally unevitable. It all starts at some 65km from Guadalajara in : Tequila ! With the “Agave Tequilana” also called “Agave Azul”, an endemic succulent* from the slopes of Jalisco state, in Mexico, North East from Mexico City. “Tres Mujeres” is a [...]

Bolivian Rainbow Explosion in Aquafarm

It’s a February tradition to start off some Bolivian Rainbow chilli seeds under a T5 fluorescent grow light. Starting peppers is a surefire way to break any winter blues and the Bolivian Rainbow is a truly beautiful variety with deep, bluish green foliage and, of course, the famous multi-coloured bloom to look forward to further [...]

Goji Berries

In this video we will show you the delicate harvest of our delicious Goji berries harvest (Lycium barbarum) in 2012. After gently removing the nets from the plants (birds love them!…), Sabine starts the delicate phase of picking the berries. Our Lycium barbarum have been growing in a Panda Hydro System since 2008. Sabine feeds [...]

Chorisia Specioca (Palo borracho) blooming in GHE greenhouse

Chorisia speciosa, also called “Palo borracho” is a tree that grows up to 25 m in its native environment, in Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina. It is part of the kapok and baobab family, also called “Silk Floss” tree because of the silky white fluff that burst out of its exploded pod when it is ripe [...]