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Sweet Mexican Chili’s harvest at GHE

Les Sourciers

Serre hydroponique GHE

Urban Farm : Food Lab

Urban Farm’s indoor growing area, this is where the soil-less growing happens, a 356 day a year growing room with aquaponics & hydroponics, produce such as hot chillies, micro-greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, edible flowers, mushrooms, oriental greens and much more will flourish in here, we will record our inputs & outputs as see what’s viable [...]

Cosmic garden

We are pleased to introduce you the Cosmic Garden’s blog from our friend Leon Hugo Bonte, a hydroponics pioneer in France and author of “Réaliser et entretenir son mur végétal” (Create and maintain a vegetal wall). Hugo wanted to experiment the creation and culture of an indoor garden called the Lab, where are used hydroponics, [...]

GH also tells in pictures! “Always in style! Worn with pride!”

From our American colleague ​​we have inherited an unusual tradition always strongly awaited by our customers such as ourselves! More than a tradition, a true hallmark: GHE’s T-Shirt ! Each year its style, colors and theme. Here’s a little historical with images of thevarious models we have had the joy to wear !

Bolivian Rainbow Explosion in Aquafarm

It’s a February tradition to start off some Bolivian Rainbow chilli seeds under a T5 fluorescent grow light. Starting peppers is a surefire way to break any winter blues and the Bolivian Rainbow is a truly beautiful variety with deep, bluish green foliage and, of course, the famous multi-coloured bloom to look forward to further [...]

Goji Berries

In this video we will show you the delicate harvest of our delicious Goji berries harvest (Lycium barbarum) in 2012. After gently removing the nets from the plants (birds love them!…), Sabine starts the delicate phase of picking the berries. Our Lycium barbarum have been growing in a Panda Hydro System since 2008. Sabine feeds [...]

Salads in Cantabria

Today I will introduce you to one of our clients: Purificacion Gonzales, a lettuce producer from Northern Spain, in Cantabria. Purificacion grows her lettuce in “rafts” made with polystyrene sheets floating on rows of water tanks, and drilled with holes for each pant-site. To harvest, she just needs to pull the mature plants out of the [...]