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Hydroponics for the home

Hydroponics for the home – By Noucetta Kehdi – GHE Why would anyone use hydroponics ? What are its applications in real life ? And what about home hydroponics ? How could it be useful in the household ? Hydroponics continues to trigger doubt, questions, or enthusiasm, depending on the public you are addressing. Fortunately we are far from [...]

How to use our pH test kit

Cosmic garden

We are pleased to introduce you the Cosmic Garden’s blog from our friend Leon Hugo Bonte, a hydroponics pioneer in France and author of “Réaliser et entretenir son mur végétal” (Create and maintain a vegetal wall). Hugo wanted to experiment the creation and culture of an indoor garden called the Lab, where are used hydroponics, [...]

pH test kit

Monitoring pH level in hydroponics is crucial. Indeed , more than the damage causes to the roots, the pH level directly affects the availability of elements in the nutrient solution. If pH level is wrong problems can occur even in very well-balanced solutions. That is why it is very important to regularly monitor and adjust [...]

Hydroponics Strawberries

To prepare the Hamburg show we’d told you about here an experiment was implemented in our greenhouse to recreate the conditions of the show and to measure the nutrients consumption throughout the entire plant’s growing cycle. Plant: Strawberry (Fragraria ananassa) Growing System :Aeroflo 20 nutrients: Flora Series EC: 0.4 pH: 6 Tank’s volume : 60l [...]

Another way to use GHE’s nutrients !

Another way to use GHE’s nutrients ! Here is a completely original use of our FloraNova grow and BioSevia. For a few months Frederic, our technician, has been in contact with Bruno from Kanopee Design, a company specialized in creating and selling terrariums. Bruno wanted to use our nutrients to produce two wet tropical terrariums. [...]

What can you grow in hydroponics ?

Fragraria ananassa – Noucetta Kehdi – GHE “Fragraria x ananassa” is the common strawberry, also called “garden strawberry”. It comes from the Rosaceae family, a very wide family of plants, which includes, on the edible crop side, apples, pears, quince, almonds, apricots, plums, and cherry among many others (see Over the years we grew [...]

Tips and tricks to start hydroponics with GHE

On this documentyou will have all the informations you need for a good start in hydroponics with : GHE products: growing systems, substrates, additives, nutrients… Systems and nutients’s use, diagnosis and answers but also tricks to start hydroponics in the best conditions ! Good Cultures !

Everything you need to know about hydroponics

At GHE, we are committed to sharing our knowledge about hydroponics, putting at your disposal many documents that you can view and download from our website: here. Many posts are also available from our blog, which also allows you to stay informed of our news. Happy reading !

Homemade vanilla … Part 2!

In May Noucetta described “How to pollinate your vanilla flowers” 9 months later … Here is the result ! And now let’s prepare the vanilla!   Vanilla’s prep consists in several steps that require to be very precise and a lot of patience. Firstly you must scald pods 3 minutes by soaking them in a [...]