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Growing Lycium barbarum in hydroponics

Growing Lycium barbarum in hydroponics – By Noucetta Kehdi – GHE Lycium barbarum, or Wolfberry, is most commonly known as “Goji berry”. It originates in South East Asia and China but grows today on all continents. We grow our Gojis in the South West of France since 2008. We never tried to produce it on [...]

How to pollinate your vanilla flowers?

This is the second year our vanilla plants flower. The first ones flowered in soil, and then this year, the ones growing in hydroponics, in a WaterFarm with Flora Series, flowered also. I decided to pollinate them, and went on-line to see how to do so. Fortunately some sites show the process clearly, which didn’t [...]

Cutting of a giant cactus in a Dutch Pot system

You can see how cactus can grow in our hydroponic systems…for instance here, a Dutch Pot system in our greenhouse Giant cactus in a General Hydroponics Dutch Pot System :