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How to use our pH test kit

The Jardin des Serres d’Auteuil

On February 28 2013, the Paris Administrative Court cancelled ….. on the Jardin des Serres d’Auteuil It was a relief for the supporters of this unique place. This botanical garden was started in 1761 following King Louis XV request. In 1895 a horticultural production was added to the existing part (greenhouses and flowers). The five [...]

European Congress of Bonsai

As we announced here,last 29th of march took place the European Congress of bonsai of 2013 at Audincourt (France). European Congress of Bonsai at Audincourt. GHE as a partner of the French Federation of Bonsai was invited to present some products and to give a lecture on the application of its products. This was an [...]

Potatoes like no other!

Since a few days at GHE can be observed unusually and frequent back and forth between our two buildings as well as some strange conversations mentioning environmental controls’s indications and … potatoes! Yes you guessed ! An experiment is planned at GHE! William and Sabine manage this new experiment, which was born a few month ago from [...]

Do you know what is an «Urban Garden» ?

An urban garden is an area where all types of plants are cultivated in an urban environment, which is often a reduced and frequently indoor space. Hydroponics is therefore perfectly adapted for these projects. With no soil and very little space needed, you can grow your own vegetable garden at home and savor different varieties [...]

Goji Berries

In this video we will show you the delicate harvest of our delicious Goji berries harvest (Lycium barbarum) in 2012. After gently removing the nets from the plants (birds love them!…), Sabine starts the delicate phase of picking the berries. Our Lycium barbarum have been growing in a Panda Hydro System since 2008. Sabine feeds [...]

Discover the history of General Hydroponics in video

We are happy to present this exceptional document that traces the history of General Hydroponics since its creation by Lawrence Brooke in 1976. You will discover the spirit of this company, global market leader in hydroponics for over three decades, its deep commitment to preserve the environment, and its efforts to promote the enormous potential [...]

How to pollinate your vanilla flowers?

This is the second year our vanilla plants flower. The first ones flowered in soil, and then this year, the ones growing in hydroponics, in a WaterFarm with Flora Series, flowered also. I decided to pollinate them, and went on-line to see how to do so. Fortunately some sites show the process clearly, which didn’t [...]