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Tomatoes and Peppers

Harvest time is running at GHE greenhouse ! Come with me to harvest some beautiful tomatoes and peppers. For tomatoes we have grown one crop (sweet million)  but in two different ways : Bioponics with Biosevia for the first onein AeroFlos Hydroponics with Flora Series for the second one also in AeroFlos Let’s point out [...]

2013 Meet our latest AeroFlos: AF40, AF80, AF120 and AFPRO 1

With the increasing demand for hydroponic rooftop gardens, urban and family farms, and home food production, it became evident that we must offer more alternatives to our ever-growing client base. This is why we developed the AF40, 80, and 120 for starters, and our latest, the AFPRO line of small commercial systems, with our first [...]


Recently we have been asked by the stage set team of the french tv show “Profilage” to provide our AeroFlos in order to use them for the stage set of an episode. “Profilage” was recently awarded at TV Fiction Festival in La Rochelle (France) as the best TV Show. Find our AeroFlos in episode 43 [...]

New AeroFlos

AeroFlos’s range has expanded with two new models: The AeroFlo40 and the AeroFlo80. These new models are particularly well suited to growing rooms ! AeroFlo 40 : AF 40: 40 plants (2,40 m2) L = 224 – W = 105 – H = 57 cm Tank’s Volume: 200 l             [...]

AeroFlo range adopts new feet

All products in the AeroFlo range are now equipped with high quality plastic feet. Their white satin finish greatly improves the look of the systems but the main novelty lies in new reinforced connectors that facilitate the assembly and disassembly. The first models just left our manufacturing lines and should soon be available from your [...]