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Aloe Vera

Since 2009 in our greenhouse we are growing Aloe Vera that is comfortably installed in one of our Dutch Pot, connected to a timer and feed with BioSevia. The rate of irrigation is very specific: 15 minutes every two hours like cactus ! Aloe Vera is a succulent plant with evergreen leaves and shallow roots. [...]

Tomatoes and Peppers

Harvest time is running at GHE greenhouse ! Come with me to harvest some beautiful tomatoes and peppers. For tomatoes we have grown one crop (sweet million)  but in two different ways : Bioponics with Biosevia for the first onein AeroFlos Hydroponics with Flora Series for the second one also in AeroFlos Let’s point out [...]

Another way to use GHE’s nutrients !

Another way to use GHE’s nutrients ! Here is a completely original use of our FloraNova grow and BioSevia. For a few months Frederic, our technician, has been in contact with Bruno from Kanopee Design, a company specialized in creating and selling terrariums. Bruno wanted to use our nutrients to produce two wet tropical terrariums. [...]