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Aloe Vera

Since 2009 in our greenhouse we are growing Aloe Vera that is comfortably installed in one of our Dutch Pot, connected to a timer and feed with BioSevia. The rate of irrigation is very specific: 15 minutes every two hours like cactus ! Aloe Vera is a succulent plant with evergreen leaves and shallow roots. [...]

General Hydroponics visits Chile and Argentina

Luc and Amy from General Hydroponics (US) toured Chile and Argentina for about 10 days. Two beautiful countries with very warm & welcoming people.The community of growers is expanding very fast in that region with strong agricultural traditions and a wide diversity of climates. In Chile we were received by Claudio and his team from [...]

The “India Soilless Gardening Magazine” is born!

For the first copy of the magazine, the editors chose to talk about the issues of hydroponics in India, both regarding the fight against hunger, and its perspective contributions to the economy. When you think “hydroponics” you automaticly think “GHE” (yes indeed !!) and that is why they contacted our worldwide specialist : Noucetta Kehdi. The result ? [...]

Goji Berries

In this video we will show you the delicate harvest of our delicious Goji berries harvest (Lycium barbarum) in 2012. After gently removing the nets from the plants (birds love them!…), Sabine starts the delicate phase of picking the berries. Our Lycium barbarum have been growing in a Panda Hydro System since 2008. Sabine feeds [...]

Salads in Cantabria

Today I will introduce you to one of our clients: Purificacion Gonzales, a lettuce producer from Northern Spain, in Cantabria. Purificacion grows her lettuce in “rafts” made with polystyrene sheets floating on rows of water tanks, and drilled with holes for each pant-site. To harvest, she just needs to pull the mature plants out of the [...]

AeroFlo range adopts new feet

All products in the AeroFlo range are now equipped with high quality plastic feet. Their white satin finish greatly improves the look of the systems but the main novelty lies in new reinforced connectors that facilitate the assembly and disassembly. The first models just left our manufacturing lines and should soon be available from your [...]

FloraNova patent granted

General Hydroponics applied for an international patent on FloraNova a few years ago. The US patent was just granted (see it in PDF). The other two (Europe and China) are pending. The abstract says: a concentrated, homogenous, stable, water-soluble fertilizer suspension comprising: water-soluble mineral nutrients of at least nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium; and [...]

Discover the history of General Hydroponics in video

We are happy to present this exceptional document that traces the history of General Hydroponics since its creation by Lawrence Brooke in 1976. You will discover the spirit of this company, global market leader in hydroponics for over three decades, its deep commitment to preserve the environment, and its efforts to promote the enormous potential [...]